Bachelor of Business

Futureproof your career with advanced business skills designed to support and inspire your journey as a curious, creative, and modern business leader. NEXT INTAKE: TBC

Imagine and build the business of tomorrow

Ready to disrupt the old way of doing things and create the businesses of tomorrow?

The Bachelor of Business Degree is designed to produce curious, creative and compassionate ‘business-ready’ graduates who are well-versed in all aspects of contemporary business and management practice.

What you'll learn:

  • How to structure a sustainable and ethical business

  • Creativity and ideation by exploring concepts such as imagination and design thinking

  • How to market and grow your business using data analytics and business intelligence tools

  • Innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship skills to prepare you to start your own business

Whether you want to lead a business or start your own, the Bachelor of Business Degree prepares you to innovate, disrupt, scale, and pivot, and seize the opportunities tomorrow brings.

Develop critical business and creative thinking skills to help you identify gaps in the market and build the foundations to generate in-demand solutions, products and services. 


Bachelor of Business

Study Duration

Six trimesters minimum

Delivery Mode


Indicative Total Course Fees

$40,000 AUD

Total Credit Points


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Why study with us?

Held entirely online, our unique courses and mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs prepare future leaders with the tools to start or maintain a sustainable business. Progress faster with expert guidance from your lecturers, and join an inspiring and supportive online community of peers.

Who is this course for?

Whether you're a high school leaver with big ideas, an entrepreneur excited to disrupt a stagnant market, an employee with sights set on leadership, or a sole proprietor determined to work smarter not harder: a solid foundation in business combined with the ability to think and problem solve creatively can help expand your career options. 

If you want to:

  • Understand what it takes to launch, scale and sustain thriving businesses in today's world

  • Lead with purpose and make data-informed decisions 

  • Nurture an entrepreneurial mindset

  • Communicate your vision clearly to others

...this course is for you. Apply today and start building the future you imagine.


Course Subject Details

Futureproof your career with advanced skills in project management, leadership, conflict resolution, negotiation, ethics, governance and sustainability.

Foundations of entrepreneurship – ENT100

Entrepreneurial capability has become a strategic asset in many firms, with human resource departments prioritising entrepreneurial skills such as agility, creativity and curiosity.

This subject introduces the foundational elements of the ways in which entrepreneurs think, reason and act. Students will learn about the skillsets and mindsets expert entrepreneurs use to sense, seize and transform opportunities into new ventures.

Professional business communication skills – BUS100

An essential business skill is the ability to understand and be understood – to communicate effectively and to get your message across both verbally through presentation and non-verbally in writing.

Students learn the principles of effective communication, starting with a discussion of communication theory before launching into the practice of excellent writing and presentation skills. 

Principles of management – MGT100

Centered around the four major management activities of planning, organising, controlling and leading, students will explore the structures and systems that make an organisation work.

Understanding the business environment – ECO100

Companies are affected by external factors relating to the economy as a whole, so understanding the basic drivers of economics and finance is essential for workers looking to enter management positions. This subject touches on the key concepts.

Futureproof your career with advanced skills in project management, leadership, conflict resolution, negotiation, ethics, governance and sustainability.

Using data for decision making – BUS101

In our increasingly data-driven business environment, the ability to accurately collect, analyse, and interpret data sets has become a much-valued skill. In this subject, students begin to understand how to use data to inform decision-making in organisations.

Marketing foundations – MKT100

Students learn how to analyse markets and market characteristics and are introduced to the principles of marketing research in today’s environment. They examine consumer behaviour and gain an understanding of the factors that influence what people and businesses buy and why.

Accounting for decision making – ACT100

The activities of a company need to be accounted for, and this subject provides creative students with an appreciation of the accounting function and how they can interact with it.

Business law – LAW100

The legal implications of actions and activities in the creative industries are significant. Students will learn how to interact with lawyers, along with some foundational knowledge to ensure they act legally in their work endeavours.

Futureproof your career with advanced skills in project management, leadership, conflict resolution, negotiation, ethics, governance and sustainability.

Ethics, governance, and sustainability – BUS200

Students will explore and discuss the difference between ethics, morals, and values and actively consider a range of moral and ethical dilemmas, as well as social and governance issues.

Managing people – MGT200

At the heart of every business is its people. Managing people explores talent attraction and retention along with issues such as diversity and performance management. 

Foundations of project management – MGT203

How do business plan, scope, cost, manage, and evaluate key strategic projects? How do they anticipate risk? These and other questions are the focus of this subject which introduces students to the core business skill of project management. 

Creativity and ideation – ENT200

Modern organisations are investing resources into developing a creative climate, but what is creativity and can it be learned? Students will explore concepts such as imagination, failure, creative confidence and design thinking in a highly experiential subject focused on activity-based learning.

Futureproof your career with advanced skills in project management, leadership, conflict resolution, negotiation, ethics, governance and sustainability.

Strategic management – MGT202

Firm performance is driven by strategy, and this subject explores the ways in which organisations determine ad implement business and corporate level strategies.

Digital marketing – MKT200

The world is becoming increasingly digital, and so is marketing. Models and approaches to digital marketing are examined, along with analytics to measure effectiveness.

Organisational behaviour – MGT201

This subject focuses on human behaviour within organisations, enabling an understanding of individuals and their relationships with others within the workplace. Teams and group dynamics are examined, along with culture and leadership. 

Managing conflict and business negotiations – MGT204

Conflict occurs, especially in innovative firms, and effective teams develop methods to manage and take advantage of conflict. Negotiation skills are at the core of this process, and students will actively learn the skills and techniques behind effective negotiation. 

Futureproof your career with advanced skills in project management, leadership, conflict resolution, negotiation, ethics, governance and sustainability.

Leadership – BUS300

What makes a great leader? Are leaders simply born or can all of us develop key leadership skills and abilities? This subject seeks to answer these questions by exploring and critically assessing the qualities, traits, behaviours, and characteristics of effective leaders.

Entrepreneurship – BUS301

As businesses grow the entrepreneurial capability of the founding team must become an organisational capability. This subject examines the entrepreneurial orientation of organisations, and the ways in which they prioritise, support and enact entrepreneurial behaviours. 

Business decision making and problem solving – BUS201

The ability to clearly think through a problem, assess issues and alternatives, and identify solutions is a key skill in business. Students explore making decisions under both certainty and uncertainty and investigate a number of different problem-solving strategies. They consider how to identify problems, implement solutions, and discuss the role of reason and ethics in problem-solving. 

Business model design – ENT201

Startups are not just smaller versions of large organisations: they organise themselves in a distinct manner using a unique set of frameworks. In this subject, students will learn the lean startup method by analysing the feasibility of a potential new venture. They will develop knowledge of the driving forces behind the success of early-stage ventures, and critical problem-solving skills related to new venture creation.

Futureproof your career with advanced skills in project management, leadership, conflict resolution, negotiation, ethics, governance and sustainability.

Data analytics and business intelligence – BUS303

With knowledge and information expanding at an ever-increasing rate, it is more important than ever for businesses to be able to effectively understand and use the vast amounts of data available to them. This subject empowers students to identify, interpret and utilise data to their advantage.

Managing organisational change and innovation – MGT301

In our rapidly evolving societies and business environments change is something everyone has to deal with. In this subject, we explore the history of change and how it affects businesses and people. We discuss why change, and the associated concept and practice of innovation, is important to business and how it can lead to greater competitive advantage.

Entrepreneurial finance – ENT301

Financial resources are critical ingredients to the establishment and growth of entrepreneurial ventures. In this subject, students will explore the major forces driving a need for financial resources and the different options available. Critical analytical skills will be developed by performing due diligence on real case studies and determining recommendations for investment decisions.

Applied business project – BUS302

In this highly experiential subject, students will have the opportunity to explore and determine the feasibility of a business opportunity.

Admission Requirements

  • Successful completion of an Australian secondary qualification with an ATAR score of 55 or above; or

  • Completion of an accredited Tertiary Preparation Program (TPP) or a Foundation Year Program offered by a recognised higher education provider in Australia; or

  • Admission to candidature for an undergraduate degree at an Australian university; or

  • Completion of a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification or Australian higher education provider at AQF Level 5 (Diploma) or above; or

  • Domestic applicants who are 21 years of age or over who have not completed Year 12 or its equivalent may gain entry to a course by addressing one of the following entry requirements:

    • completion of a Special Tertiary Admissions Test administered by a tertiary admissions centre; or

    • submission of a portfolio of prior and current academic and professional work

Our Business Faculty

Our Dean (Business & Entrepreneurship), Baden U’Ren, has assembled a team of experienced mentors who understand how to thrive in today's business landscape. These industry experts are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals by providing personalized feedback and offering industry insights and tips based on their extensive real-world experience.

Baden Uren
Dr Baden U’Ren | Dean (Business & Entrepreneurship)

Dr Baden U’Ren is an entrepreneurship educator and innovation professional, a multiple company founder, including the venture-backed agricultural supply chain platform AgriChain and innovation capabilities company The Unconventional Group, and has a background in investment banking and private equity. He has judged the Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for over a decade and is committed to inspiring and fostering rising entrepreneurs.
Audeun Fiskerud
Audun Fiskerud | Lecturer

Audun is an Innovation Lead at AutoGuru (AFR Most Innovative Companies, 2020) with more than 20 years of experience in start-ups, scale-ups, strategy, research, and education. He has also been actively involved in the Australian electronic music industry as a producer, DJ, and promoter for over two decades. At CG Spectrum Institute, Audun focuses on creativity and ideation, strategic management, marketing fundamentals, and business model design.
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith | Lecturer

With a background in politics, film and television, and science and technology, Joshua strives to play a role in helping to shape a sustainable future for our planet by encouraging people to learn and grow as individuals, contribute to their local communities, and positively influence the media and political landscapes.
Rochelle Wilson
Rochelle Wilson | Lecturer

Dr Rochelle Wilson is an economist with key research interests in behavioural economics and psychology. Her academic background, coupled with her experience as a Risk Analyst for the Bank of New York Mellon, has enabled Rochelle to successfully design and deliver specialised economics courses across several universities, including at CG Spectrum Institute. In her spare time, Rochelle is an avid runner and uses marathons as an opportunity to unfurl her creativity.
bianca Rose Philips
Bianca Rose Phillips | Lecturer

Bianca is a lawyer, philosopher, and dancer who believes technology creates significant opportunities for humanity and that they should be explored with deep consideration of the law and legal mechanisms. Bianca holds a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce, Graduate Diploma of Professional Legal Practice, and Master of Laws (Medical Law and Telemedicine) and is admitted as a Lawyer and Officer of the Supreme Court of Victoria.

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